Farley & Dimmock represented me for injuries from a car accident. At the time of the crash a friend of mine was with me in my car. We had similar injuries from the accident. My friend settled her claim without the help of an attorney. Andy Dimmock presented my claim to the same insurance company and negotiated and settled my case for me. I came away with three times as much as my friend got for herself. I highly recommend Andy Dimmock and the firm of Farley & Dimmock. Amy Solheim - Everett, Washington

The law firm of Farley & Dimmock represented me on a claim with the Department of Labor and Industries and on a claim for personal injuries from a car accident. The two claims became entangled and L&I denied me benefits that I thought I should be receiving. I hired Andy Dimmock to represent me on both cases. He fixed the problems with L&I by restarting my time loss compensation and helping me qualify for vocational retraining. He also obtained an excellent settlement on the car accident claim. I highly recommend Andy and his office for both workers compensation and personal injury claims. William Lentz

The law firm of Farley & Dimmock has represented me on my workers’ compensation claim for years. My employer is self-insured and my case has been very complicated. I have had multiple surgeries and many medical and legal issues. Andy Dimmock and Sylvia Edwards have been with me every step of the way. I don’t know what I would have done without them. Brenda Babb

After 20 years of working as a mechanic my knees were shot. My doctor told me that my only option was to have left and right knee replacement surgery. Andy Dimmock took my case. He fought against my employer and the Department of Labor and Industries and proved that the damage to my knees was caused by my work as a mechanic. My claim was allowed as an occupational disease. I have since had surgery on both knees and have received time loss compensation throughout. I am very thankful to Andy Dimmock and the law firm of Farley & Dimmock for taking and winning my case. Daniel Gunderson